by Giovanni Amodei


He was born in Vittoria, Sicily, from a family of teachers, in 1928. Teacher himself, spend  thirty years to train those kids who are today's men. He has always tried to integrate his methods of teaching linked to visual communication.

He marries Cetty in 1961. Luana, today a genetist medical doctor, and Salvo, today an electronic engineer complete his family. In 1996 he becomes grandfather thanks to Federico's birth. In 2000 it is Leonardo's turn.

He started loving photography in his early youth and since 1968 he took part in several competitions where he obtained excellent results.
In 1971 the F.I.A.P. "Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique" gives him the title A.F.I.A.P. (ARTISTE FIAP) "en hommage ą ses efforts, ą ses travaux, a sa techinique dans le domaine de l'art photographique et en reconnaissance pour les services čminents rendus ą la cause de la photographie".

Giuseppe Mandarą in 1961

Cetty in 1961




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